Love’s Dance – Paperback book


This is the physical paperback of ‘Love’s Dance’ by Karen Deen.

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Love’s Dance. The second book in the Time For Love series.

I control my life. It doesn’t control me.
As CEO to the family company, I’m used to calling the shots and making executive decisions.
People answer to me, and business flows without a hitch because of it. The same applies to everyday life.
Until I meet… her.
When she opens her mouth, she leaves chaos in her wake.
Like a whirlwind, she tears through my world leaving me in chase. I want her. I need her. More than life itself, I have to have this girl by my side.
Instead, I walk away because everything she needs is not with me.
And that takes the most control of all.


Focus is what I have.
To achieve your goal, you need to want it more than anything. Too many times I was told I couldn’t have it, that it was too far out of reach. But I’m ready to prove them wrong.
Dancing has become my life, my every breath.
Until… him.
Now he steals my breath with every glance, and controls me with every touch.
And worst still, he makes me dream another dream.
Being with him will alter the course of my life. Being without him makes life simply unbearable.
Is it possible to have both? Or will I be forced to choose between the two things I hold so dear and risk losing one forever?