Love's Hiding

The third book in the Time For Love Series.

Loves Hiding - Third book in the Time For Love Series


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Playing the field is my thing. Beautiful hot women, even hotter sex.
I was always upfront. They knew the deal. I never wanted anything more.

Until that night.
That woman.
The inexplicable connection.

I finally found that something more.
But then she was gone and life moved on. Women came and went, but they just never compared.
Until Zoe. Why does she feel so familiar, yet so new?
Have you ever experienced that strange sensation when you meet for the first time?

Her eyes fascinate me, her body talks to me.
She is by far my biggest temptation.
A force that draws me to her, like I’ve been here before.
Which is impossible.
Or is it?

Life wounded me, yet made me stronger.
Taking control, it’s time to change my direction.

He inspired that. Making me feel things deep down in a place I never knew existed.

Today is my new beginning. The life I long for starts now.
This job will be the leap forward I need. No stopping or looking back.

Until that moment. The one that makes me freeze and catches my breath.
This day was never meant to happen.
I’d tried so hard to leave that life in the past, to keep my identity a secret.

No matter how hard I try to resist, he draws me in.
I try to hide them, but my lies will come out. They always do.

I know I’m finally home, but will I be able to stay?
Can we survive the truth?

Love's Dance

When two confident people cross paths, it leads to a love story full of dreams and fireworks. But is their love enough to follow their dream without being torn apart.

I control my life. It doesn’t control me.
As CEO of the family company, I’m used to calling the shots and making executive decisions.
People answer to me, and business flows without a hitch because of it. The same applies to everyday life.

Until I meet… her.

When she opens her mouth, she leaves chaos in her wake.
Like a whirlwind, she tears through my world leaving me in chaos. I want her. I need her. More than life itself, I have to have this girl by my side.
Instead, I walk away because everything she needs is not with me.

And that takes the most control of all.

Focus is what I have.

To achieve your goal, you need to want it more than anything. Too many times I was told I couldn’t have it, that it was too far out of reach. But I’m ready to prove them wrong.

Dancing has become my life, my every breath.

Until… him.

Now he steals my breath with every glance, and controls me with every touch.
And worse still, he makes me dream another dream.

Being with him will alter the course of my life. Being without him makes life simply unbearable.

Is it possible to have both?

Or will I be forced to choose between the two things I hold so dear and risk losing one forever?

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Love's Wall

Falling in love can be so easy - but is it always the right thing to happen in your life? Everyone has a history but, for some, that history makes them believe they aren’t worthy of love.

Life sends us the right person at the right time. You just have to be ready to accept them.

When his last relationship ended and shattered his dreams for the future, Zach moved forward carving out a life on his farm. He built a wall around his heart so he’d never be hurt again.

Family is everything for him. Working in the family-owned building company, life was simple and happy. Yet something - or someone - was missing from that life. Zach didn’t know it, but things were about to change. His wall was about to be tested and love was going to challenge everything he has strived to protect. Will it crumble enough for him to accept his one?

Just when you least expect it, there is that one moment that changes everything.

Being a single Mom, every day is a challenge for Emily. Her life has become a series of relentless hurdles. She decided a long time ago that love was on hold until her children were old enough to support themselves.

Life has toughened Emily. She’s created a wall around her little family to protect them - and her heart. Never again would she allow it to be taken and abused by someone else. Pushing hard to survive the latest blow, Zach walks into her life and turns it upside down. Seeing Emily at her lowest, Zach wants to rescue her. Can she let her pride slip enough to allow her wall to crumble and open up to him? If she finally shares her world, will Zach still look at her the same? Should she put it all aside so she doesn’t miss her one?

Can love erase the history that has made their walls so thick and high?

Even if they both know they’ve found the one, can they demolish their walls enough to make the leap?

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