The Desire – Paperback book


I control the uncontrollable, it’s my life, it’s what I do.
Until she walks in… untouchable and tempting.
Watching her is like a crackling fire, warm and inviting.
She’ll burn me if I let her… so I need to resist.

Except what if I can’t?

With the potential to shatter my world, I’m walking away.
Until my situation changes and I need her help.
Unfortunately, not in the way I’ve dreamt of.

And here I find myself, making her an offer.
Work for me and live under my roof.
But first, I’m forced to agree to her ridiculous list of demands.
I’m not allowed to flirt, touch, or talk dirty,
and dancing in the dark is definitely out of the question.

What if these rules were made to be broken?



The Desire

This is the physical paperback of ‘The Desire’ by Karen Deen.


Also available on Kindle