Gorgeous Gyno – Paperback book – Special Edition Cover


It started with an invitation.

A masquerade ball, the ultimate fantasy.

The concept was fascinating, and surprisingly simple.

Wear a mask and forget who you are.

So, I did just that…maybe a little too well.

Something about that night gave me a false sense of bravery.

I met the most beautiful man, masked and delicious.

Tempting as hell, and as naughty as they come.

His touch left me breathless

Just one passion filled encounter and I’ll never see him again.

No harm done.


My new gynecologist walked into the exam room, I look up to see that same gorgeous face.

Those eyes.

But this time, he’s the doctor, and I’m the patient.

And lord help me,

I need to find the fastest exit, because this is my worst nightmare.



Gorgeous Gyno

This is the special edition cover paperback of ‘Gorgeous Gyno’ by Karen Deen.


Also available on Kindle