The Craving – Paperback book


My new client’s a nightmare.

Older, arrogant, and totally off limits.
Until one passionate night when he wasn’t…
His touch left me craving,
the one man I know I can’t have.
Nicholas Darby.

He’s successful, rich, and the most sought-after bachelor in London.
I’m sure the universe has put him in my life just to tantalize me,
because there is no way I would choose to want such a jerk.
I would walk away tomorrow if I didn’t need this job.

Fighting with him is sizzling foreplay.
Chemistry that can’t be ignored, and believe me, we try.

If we can’t get this fire that’s burning between us under control,
then we’ll both be walking away aching
for the one thing we both fear the most… love.



The Craving

This is the physical paperback of ‘The Craving’ by Karen Deen.


Also available on Kindle