Love’s Hiding – Paperback book


This is the physical paperback of ‘Love’s Hiding’ by Karen Deen.

Postage payable outside of Kiama, NSW



Love’s Hiding. The third book in the Time For Love series.

Playing the field is my thing. Beautiful hot women, even hotter sex.
I was always upfront. They knew the deal. I never wanted anything more.

Until that night.
That woman.
The inexplicable connection.

I finally found that something more.
But then she was gone and life moved on. Women came and went, but they just never compared.
Until Zoe. Why does she feel so familiar, yet so new?
Have you ever experienced that strange sensation when you meet for the first time?

Her eyes fascinate me, her body talks to me.
She is by far my biggest temptation.
A force that draws me to her, like I’ve been here before.
Which is impossible.
Or is it?


Life wounded me, yet made me stronger.
Taking control, it’s time to change my direction.

He inspired that. Making me feel things deep down in a place I never knew existed.

Today is my new beginning. The life I long for starts now.
This job will be the leap forward I need. No stopping or looking back.

Until that moment. The one that makes me freeze and catches my breath.
This day was never meant to happen.
I’d tried so hard to leave that life in the past, to keep my identity a secret.

No matter how hard I try to resist, he draws me in.
I try to hide them, but my lies will come out. They always do.

I know I’m finally home, but will I be able to stay?
Can we survive the truth?