Love’s Hot – Paperback book




Love’s Hot. The fifth book in the Time For Love series.


She wants to be my buddy. You know, the naked type—no strings attached, no awkwardness. Friends who are lovers but with no relationship hassles. To a man who has nothing to offer a woman except pleasure, it’s an offer too good to refuse

Nights full of domination and distraction, hot searing passion. It can’t last. I need it to end, my life is depending on it.

But I miss her panties on my bedroom floor. Looking down at her on her knees, she is the distraction I can’t afford to have. 

Yet she’s here in front of me, now how do I keep her safe?


Holy hotness! It’s a crime to be that good-looking, surely. It’s not just looks, I’m certain. His skills in the bedroom keep me awake dreaming of more. I don’t want to be attached, but I’m not ready to let him go. I come up with the perfect plan.

Friends with benefits, an arrangement with rules.

F… buddies—his name and his rules. A name he takes seriously and lives up to. I’ve never known life to be this good.

I want more and suddenly it’s over. He’s walked away, and the rules say I should too.

Instead I chase, because love means I’m past walking away.