Love’s Hot – Paperback book




Love’s Hot. The fifth book in the Time For Love series.

She wants to be my buddy.
You know, the naked type!

No strings attached, no awkwardness.
Friends/lovers with none of the baggage.

I’ve got nothing in life to offer a woman
Except raw sensual pleasure.

Her offer’s just too good to refuse.

Days of laughter, change to stolen moments.
The nights full of hot searing passion.

Only it can’t last.
I need it to end.
My life depends on our demise.

But I miss her clothes on my bedroom floor.
And her looking up at me from her knees.

My heart … the distraction … I just can’t.

She can’t be here in front of me, like this.

She’s a weakness I can’t afford.

Especially when I’m trying to keep her safe.