Private Pilot – Paperback book




Private Pilot

Love is Blind …. I only wish it was.
Because then I wouldn’t see what I can never have

They say when you know, you know.
What a load of nonsense
Because the only thing I know is …. He’s off limits.
Workplace relationships are inappropriate and seedy
And besides, I’m a professional.

Every morning I step onto his plane.
Every morning he smiles and says a polite hello.
I give him a controlled nod, acknowledging him as I pass, pretending not to notice him.
But I can feel his eyes undress me as I walk past.
And if I’m being honest, they do a lot more.
If his gaze gives me tingles, I dread to think what an actual touch could do.

Maybe I’m imagining the entire thing.
Daydreaming the ultimate fantasy.
Because he’s my Private Pilot
And I’m just his smitten boss