Love’s Fun – Paperback book




Love’s Fun. The fourth book in the Time For Love series.

Love’s fun… until it’s not.


First meeting I managed six words. That didn’t stop him looking. The next time, there were a few more, but that didn’t stop him from touching. Third time gets easier, but it didn’t stop her from looking or touching him. Luckily, the fourth time his words flowed, convincing me it’s not as it seems.

She wanted him. 
But he wanted me.
I’ll fight for what’s mine. 


Most people look back and say there is that one day when their story changed.
For me, there are two.

The day I met Alesha. Her eyes, that timid smile, the nervousness. No woman before even comes close to the one I didn’t know I needed.

Then there is that other day, the one that changed everything in a way I couldn’t control.
I promised to always protect her, but instead, I introduced her to my hell.
Now only she can save me.